Danette Baker
Adjunct Faculty in Theatre * School of Performing Arts
Wichita State University * College of Fine Arts
1845 Fairmount * Wichita, KS * 67260-0153
danette.baker@wichita.edu * (316) 978-3414
THEA 143:  Art of the Theatre
THEA 218
Stage Movement
THEA 243
Acting One
Art of the Theatre
3 credit hours
Course Description
Art of the Theatre is a Fine Arts - Theatre general education introductory course. It is an introduction to the theatre as an art form emphasizing critical appreciation from the viewpoint of the audience.

Course Objectives
To develop an appreciation of theatre as an art form
To gain insight into theatre through an historical perspective
To explore the fundamental elements of theatre
To participate as audience members at live productions

Notice To All Students
Theatre is the art of storytelling, the story of what it means to be human. The stories show us who we are, where we come from and where we are going; they show us at our best and at our worst, what we have in common and what makes us different. Theatre is the story of life; it is a reflection of life. Sometimes it makes us feel good about ourselves, more often it challenges us to think about others and the world in a different way. The subjects may not always be pleasant, but they are about life. You may not agree with everything you see and you donít have too, but while you are here, you should consider. That is, after all, why you are taking this course.
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