Danette Baker
Adjunct Faculty in Theatre * School of Performing Arts
Wichita State University * College of Fine Arts
1845 Fairmount * Wichita, KS * 67260-0153
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THEA 243:  Acting One
THEA 143
Art of the Theatre
THEA 218
Stage Movement
Acting One
3 credit hours
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Course Description
Acting One emphasizes the internal techniques of acting, characterization, and the actor’s analysis of the play and the role.

Course Objectives
1. Acquire a basic working knowledge of an approach to acting utilizing the fundamental principles of the Stanislavski system.
2. Expand creative/performance range through the development of performance skills.
3. Enhance awareness of and ability to use inner resources and the development of analytical skills needed for fundamental character and text analysis.
4. Develop a critical viewpoint about acting through observation of work of others including classroom scene work and viewing WSU theatre and musical theatre productions.

Course Goals
1. Learn fundamental elements of acting and how they can enhance performance.
2. Perform solo work and scenes.
3. Examine and evaluate the work of others to 1) help peers learn, and 2) develop a critical eye.
Title followed by author in parenthesis. If there is a PN# following the author it is the call number of the book at the WSU Ablah Library.

An Actor Prepares
(Konstantin Stanislavski)
PN2062.S7613 1989

Building A Character
(Konstantin Stanislavski)
PN2065 .S78x

Creating A Role
(Konstantin Stanislavski)

An Actor’s Handbook
(Konstantin Stanislavski)

My Life in Art
(Konstantin Stanislavski)
PN2728.S78 A32 1948

On the Technique of Acting
(Michael Chekhov)

True and False
(David Mamet)

Sanford Meisner on Acting
(Sanford Meisner & Dennis Longwell)

Respect for Acting
(Uta Hagan)

Stella Adler: On The Art and Technique of Acting
(Stella Adler & Howard Kissel)

A Dream of Passion: the development of the method
(Lee Strasberg)

The Empty Space

(Peter Brook)
PN1655.B74 1968
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